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Tamer Hassan – Biography


UK born actor Tamer Hassan has made quite a name in a short period of time. Coming from rough and humble beginnings, Tamer Hassan has beaten the odds to become of England's brightest stars. UK audiences were first exposed to Tamer's menace and charm playing leads in director Nick Love's cult classics "The Football Factory" and "The Business." The films caught the attention of Hollywood, which lead to great supporting roles in big bigger films. Tamer was part of Daniel Craig's crew in "Layer Cake," played a heavy alongside Jet Li in "Unleashed," and was part of the memorable Russian Bathhouse fight scene with Viggo Mortenson in "Eastern Promises."

As the 2000s came to a close, Tamer worked hard to advance himself as an actor. He re-teamed with three of his previous directors to fantastic results. He played the title role in the UK smash hit "Dead Man Running," which had supporting turns from Brenda Blethyn and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. The film was directed by Alex De Rakoff who gave Tamer his first acting role in Working Title's "The Calcium Kid." Director Louis Leterrier hired him again to play "Ares" the God of War in his film "Clash of the Titans" and Matthew Vaughn brought him back for a small, but memorable role in his film "Kick Ass."

In 2010 Tamer moved his family to Los Angeles in hopes of taking his career to the next level. The risk paid of quickly as he booked three high profile jobs. Tamer landed a recurring role on America's #1 drama "NCIS" on CBS. He played the lead villain in "Blood Out" for Lionsgate alongside Val Kilmer, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, and AnnaLynne McCord. Above all, he is most excited about his role as "Boz" in THE DOUBLE for Hyde Park Entertainment. The film stars Richard Gere, Martin Sheen, Stephen Moyer, and Topher Grace. The role allows Tamer to both show of his range as an actor playing a Russian spy and his physicality as an actor in incredible fight scenes.

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