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Stephen Moyer – Biography


Stephen Moyer currently stars in Alan Ball's hit HBO series "True Blood." The show takes place in a modern day world where vampires are able to live amongst mortals by drinking synthetic blood. It is based on the best selling books series, the "Sookie Stackhouse Story" by Charlaine Harris. "True Blood" also stars Oscar winner, Anna Paquin who plays a physic barmaid (Sookie Stackhouse) in Louisiana who falls for a vampire by the name of Bill Compton (Moyer). "True Blood" earned a Golden Globe nomination for "Best Drama Series" for both its first and second seasons. The average viewing for Sunday nights in the second season is 4.9 million. The third season of "True Blood" received excellent ratings and reviews. Season four will premiere in June 2011.

Moyer first turned heads when he appeared on the series "The Starter Wife," opposite Debra Messing. The show was recognized by critics and fans alike and was nominated for multiple Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG Awards.

Moyer will be seen next on the big screen in "Priest," alongside Paul Bettany and Cam Gigandet. Moyer has recently completed filming "Ice," "Tribes of October," and "The Caller." Moyer will soon begin filming "Big Valley," starring Lee Majors and Richard Dryfus.

Moyer appeared in "88 Minutes," the drama staring Al Pacino and directed by Jon Avnet. He also starred in "Undiscovered," the teen cult classic, the Oscar nominated film "Quills," opposite Kate Winslet and Joaquin Phoenix, "Prince Valiant" with Katherine Heigl, and "Restraint," "Deadlines," "Perfect," "Alternative Endings," and "Trinity."

Moyer's television credits include "Ny-lon" opposite Rashida Jones, "The Final Quest," "Uprising," "Entrusted," and the BBC series "Life Support."

Moyer currently resides in Los Angeles and London

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