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Stana Katic – Biography


With the highly-acclaimed one hour series "Castle" and a cult comic-book flick "The Spirit" already under belt; Stana Katic is emerging as Hollywood's next film and TV household name.

Stana can be seen as the lead in season two of the ABC series "Castle" alongside Nathan Fillion. "Castle" circles around the lives of a crime-thriller novelist Rick Castle (Fillion) suffering writer's block and a young, type-A NY detective Kate Beckett (Katic). The two are thrust together when a series of copy-cat murders mimic Rick's novels. The ensuing witty rapport reveals a clashing of minds and an attraction of spirit that result in Beckett becoming Castle's unwilling new muse. "Castle" airs Monday at 10:00PM on ABC.

Stana was most recently seen in "The Spirit" opposite Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Mendes. The talented actress delivered audiences a quirky, sexy rookie Morganstern. Directed by Frank Miller, this comic-book film centers on the story of rookie cop Denny Colt's return from the beyond as Central City's saviour "The Spirit". The movie grossed $29.8 million worldwide to date.

Stana also appeared as Corinne Veneau in "Quantum of Solace" with Daniel Craig. In this Bond series installment, Bond further plunges audiences into the world of revenge and espionage as he stops an environmentalist from destroying a country's vital resource. The film, nominated for a 2009 Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for "Best Action Movie", grossed $570 million worldwide.

Stana's other film credits include "Feast of Love" opposite Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear and "Stiletto" with Tom Sizemore, which is available on DVD.

Stana has also appeared on some of television's most critically acclaimed shows. She recently portrayed torch singer Simone Renoir in "The Librarian: the Curse of the Judas Chalice," garnering top cable ratings. Stana's own vocals were used for the sultry theme song.

She was also seen in the television mini-series "Would Be Kings" opposite Robert Forester and Natasha Henstridge. Stana has recurred on "Heroes," "24," "ER," and "The Shield".

Stana currently resides in Los Angeles.

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